World Simulations

The setting of Otherland is a vast digital world featuring multiple different World Simulations: universes and stories which will take you from the cyber-punk city of Lambda Mall to medieval castles in EightSquared.

Each World Simulation has its own unique flare and style.

World Simulations


The trashcan of simulations. The storage of what has been forgotten or removed, a surreal collection of bits and pieces and leftovers of simulations that were destroyed when the mysterious entity called “The Other” collapsed before the current events. That code did not disappear, it is still very much alive and evolved from broken pieces into an emotionless enemy that sees every simuloid the same way: code that can be devoured to grow further.


The land of the five elements: wood, water, earth, metal and fire. What was once one giant landscape floating in the endless sea of this simulation has been broken apart by earth shattering events. It is here that the final battle for Otherland is likely to take place and one of the isles may hold the secret that tips the scale of this conflict.

Lambda Mall

Lambda Mall exists just outside of the Otherland network, and acts as a social and market hub filled with bars, shops, and mini-games. It links all the various simulations together and acts as an in-between point for players. Populated by NPCs and PCs of all kinds, Lambda Mall's neon lit Concourse also hides a darker, more dangerous secret: the Underside.

Hidden in the lowest slums of Lambda Mall, the Underside is a place for hackers, gang members and griefers. Though the Concourse is a strict non-fighting zone, players would be foolish to visit the Underside without a weapon at the ready.

Between the bars, shops, and shady business areas, Lambda Mall has something to offer for everyone.


Have you ever had a strange dream where you were a mere pawn on a chessboard and nothing you did could change your doomed fate? Well, this nightmare is true for every citizen of EightSquared, a simulation of a living, breathing chess board. Queens, bishops and rooks are locked in eternal warfare, with death and rebirth happening daily without anyone seeming to care.

EightSquared is the first adventure simulation players will visit and as such it delivers the first clues as to the mysteries of the Otherland network, the people protecting it, and those seeking to control it. While taking part in the lives of hundreds of NPCs clueless to their own reality, players will be able to experience a world of high medieval fantasy with breathtaking landscapes and architecture.


The red planet is a hub of enterprise and prosperity and the foremost place for a specific type of trade: some merchants here specialize in less than legal exotic goods. But like all simulations Mars is facing a difficult time. Its society is divided by a harsh class system and is standing on the brink of revolution.

Bug World

The lush and vast Bug World is in reality an experimental simulation maintained by Doctor Kunohara. Its purpose is to test the behavior of insects in close-to-life simulations. The doctor pushed the limits of this Otherland simulation by making his creations gigantic in size. Huge wasps, enormous spiders, gargantuan cockroaches are what makes Bug World a highly interesting and challenging place to visit.

Wood Isle

Broken away from the other islands, Wood Isle features a vast forest, filled with powerful allies. But not every creature hiding there is friendly. Players will have to fend off the most dangerous creatures yet, hiding in the darkness of the forest. But wood monsters are far from the only danger Wood Isle holds. Allies and enemies will both be confronted to an unholy force: Demons!

Water Isle

Water Isle is one of the five planned areas that are based off of the Chinese elements. This area reunites players with the Water Master!

Fire Isle

The balance of nature, its five elements as allies, is what every citizen of Five Isle strives for. Recently, that balance has been lost. The simulation of Five Isle is a broken and devastated one, where the remaining folks struggle to lead normal lives.

Players arriving here will be able to witness unbelievable feats of natural wonder and magic. The NPCs populating Five Isles are much like those in EightSquared, oblivious to their digital existence and posing a skeptical eye on the changes happening around them.

It is up to the players, with the help of Renie and her allies, to dive into this shattered world and attempt to unravel the mystery of this destruction.

Otherland Features