Everyone needs a roof over their head, a place to rest, recover and hoard treasures. Every citizen of Otherland receives their very own U|Space, which they can personalize and arrange as they see fit. The U|Space also acts as an important part of various gameplay systems of Otherland.

PvP, SOMA, eDNA, and Clan|Space, link back to the U|Space. Change the design, build rooms, share your address with friends, and most importantly: protect it with your life! Hackers and potential backstabbers are always on the lookout for easy U|Space to invade and loot. But then again, that hacker may very well be you.


While the U|Space is an area given freely to each player, the Clan|Space is an entire world purchased by a group of players banded in a Clan and interested in joining one of the most fascinating aspects of the PvP system in Otherland. The Clan|Space can be grown and expanded by using SOMA gathered by their members. SOMA is one of your Clan�s most valuable, and vulnerable, resources and great care should be taken in protecting it from enemy Clans.

Each Clan|Space can be customized with different map skins allowing you to explore, populate, and build defense structures with the help of your clan mates. Clans can attempt to invade and attack a rival's Clan|Space to loot valuable resources and prove their might. Individual U|Space simulations will plug into the Clan|Space and allow players to share eDNA clones and even SOMA in order to help their clan grow into a powerful force within the Otherland network.


U|Cache is the player's bank in Lambda Mall. As there is only so much data a player can carry around with them, extra items and equipment can be stored here.

Currency and items stored in the U|Cache cannot be lost upon death.


Complete character customization is done at Metamorph. Change your gender, race, height, weight, and of course the many colors that make up your character: eyes, hair, skin, lips. Would you like to look like a normal human being?

No problem. Of course, if you would like to look different, you do that here too, from a digital Simuloid to a simulated Otherland lifeform, Metamorph is all about creating the Real You.

Otherland Features