Story and main characters

Created by the Grail Brotherhood, Otherland is a network of virtual worlds more realistic than any that have come before. Originally powered by the sinister plots of its creators, Renie and her associates breathed fresh, and much less villainous, life into the system.

Now, Otherland struggles to live on in the care of new owners, but is a mere shadow of its former glory. But other forces are now coming into play, and though unaware of it at the time, Renie and her associates received much needed behind-the-scenes assistance during their struggle with the Grail Brotherhood.

This is where your journey, and their story, begins.


A South African Zulu woman, Irene (Renie) Sulaweyo, was an instructor in virtual engineering at the polytechnic institute of Durban before the events of the Otherland book series propelled her into the scheme of the Grail Brotherhood.

In the current state of the Otherland system, Renie will play an important role for the arriving players. She is a part of the new group which now guards the network and will need the players´ help to uncover a dangerous new plot against the Otherland simulations.


A Kalahari San, also known as Bushmen, and a friend of Renie. !Xabbu was originally Renie's student, learning how to control virtual reality from her in order to create a simulation that would preserve his dying culture. He is known for his ability to tell engaging folktales that offer new insights into situations.

The events which took place in the Otherland novels have had a lasting effect on !Xabbu. He is not only now perfectly at home within virtual reality, he is also one of its protectors.

He and Renie will stop at nothing to find out who is behind the recent troubles against the Otherland network and they will recruit any and all players they can find.

Otherland Renie !Xabu