Otherland Closed Beta | Phase 2

2012-12-13 15:54:13

After weeks of hard work implementing your feedback, Otherland Closed Beta | Phase 2 is finally ready to launch! This latest build features many new changes including:

  • a revamped tutorial
  • a completely new starter zone
  • refined combat mechanisms
  • updated quest chains
  • and much more!

We will be opening the server to closed beta testers for a short preview and feedback round on Friday, December 14th (10:00 AM CET) through Monday, December 17th 2012 (03:00 AM CET). The new client downloader can be found here.

Please note that only Closed Beta Testers can access the game with this client.  Please uninstall all previous Otherland clients before installing this new one. All relevant game and server information is available in the Closed Beta Forums, available to all Closed Beta Testers. A survey will be handed out to all testers soon after the test is complete.

In the coming weeks we will be allowing more players into the closed beta tests and holding more contests for keys! Stay tuned and thank you for your feedback and patience.

- the Otherland team