Unreal Engine 3

Otherland is a free-to play MMORPG which features an enormous world, true action combat, a non-targeting system and breathtaking graphics delivered by the Unreal Engine 3.

Character Customization

No other MMORPG offers the wide variety of character customization which Otherland boasts. From tiny to huge, thin to muscular, and the ability to wear anything and everything you find - you will truly be able to find your unique look in the Multiverse.

Player Housing and PvP

Collect eDNA from creatures and clone them in your U|Space, or donate them to your clan in order to help defend your Clan|Space.

PvE Action

In Otherland, you can take direct control of action-packed battles and enjoy the innovative RPG character development system and a rich story in the multiverse - without subscription fees!

Otherland Features