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The time for 2016 grows ever shorter. The first Christmas tree shops are open already, stores are filled more and more with Christmas accessories, and the flower shops offer fragrant Christmas wreaths.

Otherland officially released

Otherland, the Online RPG based on the famous novels by Tad Williams, is from now on available in the commercial version. During the Open Beta, the loyal community of the science fiction story supported the finalization of the long-awaited F2P MMO with several valuable contributions.

About Otherland and the Multiverse

Otherland is an Unreal-powered Action MMORPG and played in the Multiverse, a network of digital worlds. The game is based on the novels by Tad Williams "Otherland".

Otherland was created by the Grail Brotherhood and is a network of virtual worlds that are more realistic than anything ever before. This network has originally been kept alive by the dark plans of its creator until Renie and her friends emerged victorious and breathed new and indulgent life into it.

Now Otherland is struggling to survive in the hands of its new owner and is only a shadow of its former self. But other forces have come into play and although they were not aware of which at the time Renie and her allies have already received a lot of support in their against the Grail Brotherhood behind the scenes.

And on this point, your journey begins – and her story!

Otherland Renie !Xabu

World simulation

The setting of Otherland is a vast digital world featuring multiple different World Simulations: universes and stories which will take you from the cyber-punk city of Lambda Mall to medieval castles in EightSquared.

Otherland World Simulation

Each World Simulation has its own unique flare and style.

Here you will find more information about some world simulations soon:

Otherland 8 Square Character